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MBA for BBA Graduates

                                          MBA PROGRAM for BBA Graduates


1. Admission

The objective of the admission policy is to select students on a competitive basis for the MBA program. A student is selected for admission on the basis of past academic records, performance in admission test and interview. The admission into the program is held only once a year.


1.1  Academic Qualifications :

  1. BBA graduate from recognized Private and Public Universities.
  2. Academic qualification : At least 2.5 CGPA ( 4.0 scale basis) in BBA.

For all other certificates, equivalence will be determined by the Institute.


1.2  Selection

The selection of students for the program is accomplished in two stages:

1.   Candidates appear at the written admission test of IBA on English, Mathematics and Aptitude. Candidates who have a score of 400 or more in GMAT with minimum 25 percentile in verbal and 40 percentile in quantitative are not required to take the written test. Candidates with requisite GMAT scores should apply for interview in prescribed form.

2.   Successful candidates of written exam will appear at an interview.

The final selection of candidate is made on the basis of past academic records and performance in written test and interview.


1.3  Application procedure

A candidate should apply for written admission test in the prescribed form available MBA program Office on payment of fees of Tk. 800/- only. These can be obtained by mail from MBA program Office by sending (i) a bank draft for Tk. 800/- drawn in favour of Director, IBA, R.U. and (ii) a 10² x 8² size self addressed envelope with postage stamp of Tk. 35/-. The filled-in application form should be submitted to MBA Program Office within dates notified in the press.

Further information can be obtained from MBA Program Office, IBA, Rajshahi University, Rajshahi-6205, Phone: +88-0721 711167, 751508. E-mail: [email protected],


1.4  Registration


Applicants finally accepted for the program should obtain the prescribed registration form from the MBA Program Office of the Institute and submit it to the same office, duly filled in along with 2 passport size photographs, 2 stamp size photograph and other requisite documents within the scheduled time. Candidates who have completed the above formalities must pay the requisite fees. Enrollment in the Institute and admittance into classes are conditional upon completion of all admission formalities including payment of fees.


1.5 Fees for MBA Students

The following tuition fees are payable at the time of admission into MBA program at the university:

Registration Fee (once)

Program Co-ordination Fee  (per semester)

Examination Fee (per course)

Tuition Fee (per course)

Semester Fee (per semester)

Computer Lab Fee (per semester)

Library Fee (per semester)

Internship Fee  (after completion of major courses)

Original Certificate Fee with  Convocation Fee (last semester)

Building Construction Fee (once)

Semester Development Fee

Per Semester (A/c:34138397)

                                                                    Total = 96,200/-



In addition, the students are to bear the cost of reading materials to be supplied by the Institute. Further to the payment of above fees to the University, the students of the MBA program are required to deposit as security a sum of Tk. 200/- (Two hundred) only per book issued from the IBA library for a semester. The amount is refundable on return of all books in good condition after the student completes or withdraws from the program. There is a user fee of Tk. 20/- per book per semester.  All fees and charges are subject to revision.

Selected candidates who have completed the above mentioned requirements for admission to the university will be enrolled in classes of the Institute. No student shall be eligible for enrollment in the Institute or be permitted to attend any class unless the person has completed the above admission procedure and has paid all fees.


2.  Foreign Students

Students with foreign nationality can apply for admission provided the individual fulfills the admission requirement by taking the IBA Admission Test or scoring 400 or more in GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) with at least a 25 percentile score in the verbal section. Knowledge of the English language is essential. An amount US $ 2,000 should cover tuition and living cost for one academic year. The Institute processes the admission queries of the foreign students throughout the year.