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Officers and Staffs

                                                                        Officers and Staffs



Mr. Md. Zahurul Islam

Secretary (in-charge)

MA, BA (Hons.)Economics, R.U.


Contact No: 01914327237

Email: [email protected]


Mr. A.T.M. Tauhidur Rahman

Computer Operation Supervisor

MSS, BSS (Hons.) Social Work, R.U. DISM, Aptech


Contact No: 01911970332

Email: [email protected]


Mr. Sarwar Shahin

Assistant Registrar

MBA, BBA (Hons.) Accounting, R.U.


Contact No: 01912112459

Email: [email protected]


Miss Mst. Rehana Parvin

Section Officer

BA (Pass), Open University.


Contact No: 01914765973






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