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Academic Programs:

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

At present IBA is offering the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program as a professional graduate program for individuals who plan managerial careers in business, government and industry. The objective of the program is to develop skill and judgments in an individual for effective administration. The emphasis is given on developing a student’s ability to evaluate business and organizational situations so as to enable him to make creative judgment for policy making and operations which are very essential to every manager regardless of functional area or level within an organization.

Executive MBA Program :

  •           48 credit hours
  •           15 courses
  •            3 credit hours for management project.

MBA (Evening & Day) Program :

  •            63 credit hours
  •            20 courses
  •            3 credit hours for internship

MBA for BBA Graduates Program :

  •           39 credit hours
  •           12 courses
  •            3 credit hours for internship

Minimum required CGPA is 2.50 on a scale of 4.00

The program consists of core, advanced, capstan and elective courses. The core courses are compulsory for the completion of the MBA Program. A range of elective courses are provided with the objective to develop specialists on eight areas such as such as Accounting, Operations Management, Finance, Human Resource Management, Management, Management Science, Marketing and Management Information System for Government, Semi-government, NGOs and Private business organizations.

The curriculum of MBA Program of the Institute is subject to continuous review to keep it up to date. Students can develop their specialization in any one of four areas (major) such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management (HRM) and Management Information System (MIS)

After completion of the course works the students have to undergo a 16 week Internship Program in an organization to have a practical job experience relating to their area of concentration. The Institute has achieved a high rate of success in internship placement in national and multinational organization for the students.



Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

BBA is a four-year professional undergraduate program. The primary emphasis of the program is on developing knowledge and skills of the students so that they can undertake responsibility as young professionals. The program is also helpful to those who plan executive careers in the government, semi-government and private organizations. The focus of the BBA program is one the complete grooming of the student’s personality by providing a balanced study in the field of business and general education at the undergraduate level.

Program Features :

  •             126 credit hours
  •             40 courses
  •             3 credit hours for Internship.

The Program consists of GED, fundamentals, advanced, capstan and wide ranges of elective courses. The students have option to choose minor and major from big basket of elective courses to develop specialized skills in the area of Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, Information Systems, Marketing and Operations Management. The students have to present their structured academic papers eighty times in English during the program including term papers, projects and cases so that they can be vibrant speakers with good knowledge in their respective areas where they will work. IBA will arrange the viva-voce for the students at the end of each semester with external experts for grooming the practices how to face interviews before a board that will ultimately help them to boldly face the real interview in job markets.

Under the academic curriculum of BBA program IBA will also arrange guest lecturers from among industrialist and senior executives, industrial tour, term papers, projects and cases based on real business situations and finally they will attach a three month Internship program with organizations for practical training and have prepare Internship Report under academic supervision and face a defense before a expert board at the end.